Selecting Your Next Home

There are many factors in deciding what your next home should be. Selecting a home can involve many elements that you may not have considered. The following is a home selection checklist that I have put together to help you clarify your thoughts:

Buying a Home. Where to begin.

1) Location. Narrow down your home search area:

a. Work

b. Family, Friends, & Activities

c. Schools 

2) House Requirements:

a. # bedrooms

b. # baths

c. Basement

d. Square feet

e. New construction. Older okay?

f. One story, two story, split level, etc.

g. Yard care okay?

h. Large lot, small lot

i. Price range

3) Determine financing

a. Pre-qualification & Pre-approval for mortgage
A mortgage person will look at your finances and determine how much you will be able to afford for a monthly house payment based on your income. They will look at the amount of debt that you have and compare that to the amount of income.

b. Mortgage type




c. Down payment: Can vary depending on type of loan.

d. Costs associated with buying a home

Closing costs: appraisal, title, recording fees, etc.


Home inspection, radon tests, etc.


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